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The Washington Organic Recycling Council (WORC) is a nonprofit corporation formed in response to demands for increased recycling of organic materials.

The Washington Organic Recycling Council provides a unified statewide voice on many issues: research, education (through WORC sponsored Operator Training & Certification Programs), product safety and standards, government regulations, environmental planning, trade, marketing, and public education and involvement.

Since 1991, WORC has been recognized as the statewide organization representing organic recyclers, and facilitates communication between the private and public sectors. The Council works closely with state and regional organizations, such as the Washington State Recycling Association, the Clean Washington Center, and the Northwest Biosolids Management Association, to promote and encourage recycling of organic materials. Nationally, WORC coordinates with other state composting organizations and the US Composting Council.

What are WORC's priorities?

  • Support organic recycling, create jobs, and provide long-term environmentally safe alternatives to conventional or outmoded waste-handling practices, such as land filling and outdoor burning.
  • Promote composting, wood sorting and grinding, and other methods of producing value-added recycled products.
  • Support market development to increase sales of compost, mulch, and wood products.
  • Foster cooperation among public and private organizations involved in organic recycling, and work for sound and reasonable standards and regulations. WORC provides an active network for all people interested in the organic recycling industry to increase awareness about important issues and events.
  • Support technical training, scientific research, collection and processing innovation, and new product development.
  • Encourage education and involvement of Council members and the public about organic recycling. Successfully lobbies at the state-wide level for organics recovery and use including the inclusion and specification of compost products in state programs.

What has WORC already accomplished?

Our members' contributions have helped assist communities in reaching their recycling goals while producing valuable recycled products. Since its inception, WORC has accomplished and continues to accomplish a number of goals, which include:

  • WORC participated in the development and review of the Compost Quality Guidelines written by the Department of Ecology.
  • WORC developed technical expertise and training programs for composters, regulators, and consultants such as the Compost Facility Operator Training Program and Roundtables.
  • WORC develops and promotes programs that educate about the benefits of compost, and support the marketing of recovered organics material. The Soils for Salmon Project has been recognized both regionally and nationally as an award winning program.

These goals could not be carried out without the cooperation of all parties interested in the organic recycling industry. Your participation in WORC will help strengthen the voice of Washington's organic recycling industry.

For more information on membership and member services, see our Membership Information page, or contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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Soils for Salmon

The Soils for Salmon project, begun by WORC in 1999, has spread awareness that the health of salmon and all our water resources depends on how we treat the soil, especially in developing urban and suburban areas. The project promotes "BMP's" (best management practices) for protecting native soil and restoring disturbed soils with compost. Learn more about soil, water, and current best practices regulations and specifications for builders, developers, designers, and homeowners at

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