Apple Maggot Quarantine Rule Change

The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) filed a CR-101 to initiate a rule change to expand the apple maggot quarantine area into parts of Okanogan County. During the 2017 survey season, WSDA’s apple maggot survey program identified a reproducing population of apple maggot in the pest free area of the Methow Valley.  The Apple Maggot Working Group (AMWG) recommended that WSDA initiate the rule change, after reviewing WSDA’s survey data presented at the annual meeting in February.  The AMWG includes member stakeholders and cooperators from county, state, and federal government agencies, industry representatives and academia, and who provide guidance and recommendations to WSDA’s Apple Pest Certification Program. 

Updates to WSDA’s current rule making activity, including the rule change to the apple maggot quarantine boundary, can be followed at the following website address;

More information on WSDA’s apple maggot program can be found at: