Welcome to the Washington Organic Recycling Council

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WORC supports – via education, research, and advocacy – public and private efforts to reclaim, reuse, and recycle organic materials, process organic materials in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner, and promote beneficial end uses.

As leaders in the field of organics reclamation and transformation, WORC and its members are helping create a sustainable future for Washington.

Why is Organic Recycling so Important?
Organic materials comprise over half of the solid waste generated in Washington, including yard debris, wood materials, biosolids, food and food processing by-products, manure and agricultural residues, land clearing debris, used paper, and mixed municipal organic waste.

In the past, organic materials have been dumped in landfills or burned. These disposal methods can waste valuable resources and contribute to important environmental problems. Our members' contributions assist communities in reaching their recycling goals while producing valuable recycled products.

Everyone benefits when organic materials are recycled into products of value. They have a positive impact on our environment by improving soil and plant health, conserving water, reducing and cleaning stormwater runoff, reducing erosion, and reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides. They also replace other natural resources for paper, products, and fuel production. 

Returning to the Soil, Harvests from the Earth

There are many beneficial products and uses for organic materials. Closing the loop by composting, digesting, or mulching organics is an essential use, to restore and maintain Washington’s soils – the foundation of our success.

We are excited about the many possibilities in organics recovery and processing, and hope you'll join us in promoting organic recycling as an important component of sustainable community development.