DVO Phosphorus Recovery System

Edaleen Dairy, Lynden, WA


Edaleen dairy is a 1,800 wet-cow dairy in Northwest Washington State producing an approximate 7% total solids manure wastewater from a combination of alley-scrapers, maternity barn flush and parlour/wash water. This manure wastewater is then pumped to a DVO mesophilic mixed plug-flow anaerobic digester that practices limited co-digestion with off-farm organics (<5% volume). Effluent from the digester is then sent to a GEA/Houle two-stage, slope-screen solids separator for separation of fibrous, coarse solids. The resulting liquid, still containing large amounts of suspended solids and associated nutrients, is sent through a DVO Phosphorus Recovery System, which is a modified dissolved air flotation (DAF) system. Separated solids are a wet but stackable product rich in nutrients, particularly phosphorus. Final liquid wastewater is then sent to lagoon for storage and subsequent land application.

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