2018 WORC Annual Conference

“On the Road to the Future of Organics”
November 15, 2017 – Lemay Car Museum, Tacoma, WA

Award Nominations

Conference Agenda and Speakers    

From the Top of the Compost Pile, Frank Franciosi, USCC

Growing a Compost Facility, Bob Yost, A-1 Organics

Recycled Nutrients – Feeding the Soil that Feeds You, Maile Lono-Batura, NW Biosolids & Andy Bary, WSU

Compost Facility Capacity, Mary Harrington, Ecology

Marketing and Sales – Getting Your Finished Compost Out the Door and on the Ground, Susan Thoman, Compost Manufactures Alliance

Compost Marketing Specs, David McDonald, Seattle Public Utilities

Soil Quality Improvements with Biochar and Compost, Doug Collins

2017 WORC Annual Conference

“Bringing Our Soils Back to Life”
November 14-15, 2017 – Semiahmoo Resort, Blaine, WA

Conference Agenda and Speakers    

Bringing Our Soils Back to Life and Saving Civilization
Keynote, Dr. David R. Montgomery, Professor of Earth and Space Sciences at the UW, Seattle

Dairy Manure-Derived Fertilizers for Use in Raspberry and Blueberry Cropping Systems: Evaluation for Agronomic, Soil Health, and Food Safety Efficacy
Chris Benedict, Whatcom County Extension

Restoring Ag Soils with Manure Based Compost, Blends and Applications
Gregg & Kyle Ovenell, Ovenell Farms

Climate Preparedness and the Role of Biosolids
Kate Kurtz, formerly King County Wastewater

Compost Pelletizing for Agricultural Production
Thad Schutt, Royal Organic Farms

Whatcom County FoodPlus Food Waste Collection and Composting Program  

Restoring Agricultural Soil Sustainability
Randy Honcoop, Honcoop Farms

Beneficial Soil Biodiversity that Improves Food Safety
Dr. Bill Snyder, Professor of Entomology at WSU, Pullman

Reducing Organic Waste and Improving Soil Systems with Biochar
Fuchs, Washington State Department of Ecology

Dairy Lagoon Nutrient Extraction with Vermicomposting
Austin Allred, Royal Dairy