Free Webinar: Designing a Waste-Free Solution.

A discussion with Materials & Packaging Specialists, Natural Food Product Manufacturers, and Compost Operations Providers.

Join us at 10 am (PDT) on July 13, 2017 to explore the future of innovative design in compostable materials for food products.

Focusing on compostable flex packaging, materials specialists and the companies that are leading the way will discuss introducing new materials into the wider market. 
Facility operators will discuss the end-of-life of these products, and how they are handled within the various processes of industrial composting. We will examine the support needed (e.g. proper labeling) and consumer education issues related to the disposition and viability of compostable packaging materials. 

We hope to bring those responsible for the beginning of a product's life together with those who are ultimately left "holding the bag".

Produced by the California Resource Recovery Association’s Recyclers Global Warming Council (CRRA-RGWC), with web hosting provided the National Recycling Coalition (NRC).

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